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internationalamerican asked:

Hi Sinn. You're (probably) one of the best g/g pornstars of all time. When I ask my lesbian friends of pornstars they like, they always mention your name first lol. So when someone told me you did a scene for bangbros, I was confused. I saw the whole thing (appreciated the ass-play and your chemistry with stefania mafra). But when she was on top of the guy, you pushed her off and then he gave you eye contact, THEN COMPLETELY CUT to another part. Explain this because that got me so excited.

i was making eye contact with the guy as well as stefania the entire time.  to me, that is how you make a scene hot. everyone has to connect. i never touched the guy at all and didn’t want to, but wasn’t the scene super hot?

i have a man that i am super in love with and extremely attracted to, and i’m not interested in banging other random dudes.  i did want to be in control of that scene though, so i was taking control of it and man handling stefania.  my boyfriend ended up buying the scene and jerking off to it because yeah, it was super hot.

iwannamakeufeel asked:

I just saw a video of Shelley Lubben about the violence, sex abuse, drugs and alcohol in the porn industry. I know that there are feminist porn, queer porn that seems to respect their employees but what is your vision as a porn actress about this whole issue? (sorry if I had commited any mistake, English is not my language :/ )

she was in porn at a different time.  today it is very much a professional business, and if you are drug addicted or alcoholic, it will be difficult to make it anywhere in the business because people want to work with professionals, not messes.  Shelley Lubben has a huge chip on her shoulder because she regrets decisions she made for her life, and so unfortunately feels that she has to “save” others.  people, sadly, need to learn to accept and live with the decisions they have made, and not search everywhere for someone or something to blame.
i haven’t been involved in many other business industries, but porn has brought me close friends, introduced me to inspiring and creative people, shown me what a positive influence i can have on people just by being myself, and has really brought an immense amount of happiness and fulfillment to my existence.

coca-cola08 asked:

Hey Sinn. First of just wanted to let you know how absolutely super amazing you are and absolutely love you as a performer. The way you act is fascinating to see and you do it with such passion too I can see it. But here's my question :) What is the most embarrassing thing you have done

the most embarrassing thing that i can remember is hanging out with some of my friends and their parents’ came over and they had just taking acid and i accidentally said something about it out loud in front of the parents. everyone is a grown adult so i suppose it wasn’t that big of a deal, and the parents didn’t really care that much, but i was mortified in the moment.

newerasoul asked:

I'm an unconventional fan of yours. When I watch your films, it feels like I'm having a spiritual experience. You seem to carry a strong intuitive energy with you on the set, almost like your anticipating what your co-performer wants without necessarily having to say anything. I could be completely wrong, so my question is; what's your spirituality, if you have one? And who is your greatest spiritual influence? Thanks for your time and hope you're recovering well :)

i honestly don’t have a spirituality.  i would say i identify as a humanist mostly, and that may be where you see those positive vibes.  i carry a lot of eastern philosophy and ideals within me, but i am an anti-theist (religion does more harm than good), agnostic (without knowledge of a god), atheist (without belief in a god).

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