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souryuasukalangley asked:

I have read about your snowboarding accident. After that, you are not afraid to practice again? Also for your work you need to be free of injuries. I practice skateboarding and sometimes it scares me. You are very brave. Do you like skateboarding?

thanks, um, i don’t feel that brave. i had my accident because i wasn’t wearing a helmet. now when i snowboard, i wear a helmet. i could still possibly break a bone but would avoid traumatic brain injury. i’m also more of a pussy now when i ride. skateboarding i never really got into much. i used to llongboard but my hip hurts too much for that now. that’s a whole other story.

letter from a fan.

Hi  Sinn,  I’ve joined a few sites like Sweetheartvideo, GirlCandyfilms, and EvilAngel solely to view your performances…and you never fail to AMAZE, TITILLATE, and SATISFY your fans, me included.  Just wanted to know if you are still working with Sweetheartvideo, GirlCandyfilms, and EvilAngel?Thanks!


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