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I am already moved and touched by the donations I have received so far. I wish I had the words to describe what it means to me at a time like this. it’s very emotional, and your help means much more than words can express.

I had a serious emergency arise. thank you all for caring, I’m going to be fine but I have too much going on to stay on top of twitter or my emails. thank you all for keeping me in your thoughts.
financially, things have gone rather swiftly from bad to worse, any donations are graciously accepted to my Paypal account:
please don’t worry too much, I’ll be back and I will be okay but it’s a personal situation.
thanks always for your love and support. I’ll be in touch soon.

ariesrose26 asked:

I know you love yourself, your man, and your profession and that's something a lot of people should look up to, but have you ever been in love with a woman?

yup, the first real love in my life was a girl in high school named Angela.  we dated for 3 months and then she broke my heart for the first time. that was 14 years ago, she has since had 2 children.  i still think of her often.

yourspiceposts asked:

Hello Sinn, I hope life is treating you well. Which movie did you enjoy the most over the years? Will you ever join Mischa Brooks in a movie? Take care sexy lady!!

Mischa Brooks is featured with me in my latest movie, Living In Sinn.  Please look for it on various online adult video stores.

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