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to all models:

I get these emails all the time, and they are always fake. when I respond the email is returned as unable to send, that email does not exist. does this happen to any other models? why would someone waste their time doing this?

Hi there,

My name in Ryan. I’m looking for a 30 min solo show for today. I could pay a donation of $300 for this show and I could pay up to $500 for very special shows (this includes gg, bg, anal, squirting, … etc).

I’m available from now to 10 pm pacific time, the sooner we have the show, the better. Please let me know if you’re interested.

Best regards,

the two worst reactions I get when I tell a person what I do for a living:
1. a polite smile and an “interesting!” and then totally ignoring me
2. a diatribe about watching lots of porn, endless questions about how one would start making it themselves, and from that point on only talking to me about porn rather than any of the other endless amount of things we could talk about

ps-I’m actually a fascinating person for a plethora of reasons beyond porn.

lizardhart33 asked:

Hey Sinn! Are you heading to Vegas this year for the AVN Expo? I'd love to see you there!

i will probably be around there but since no companies have asked me to sign for them i’m not sure if i’ll actually be in the expo or not. and if i am, i won’t have anything to sign. i’m very sad about this but there’s nothing i can do about it.

marisuka-nsfw asked:

I love your tattoos. What significance do they have?

i hope this is the last time i ever have to answer this question! i will refer people here to my blog when they ask it from now on!

1. tattoo on back of my neck has a yin yang, signifies universal harmony and balance, etc. etc. shape around it is a dragon looking type thing that i got off the wall of the tattoo parlor. i was 18.

2. purple patch on my left wrist says “maya”- this is a hindu concept that basically means illusion, but much more than that. you can look it up on wikipedia if you are interested in the meaning of that word. it was meant to patch up a painful period in my life, but the patching up of that period didn’t happen until years after i got the tattoo, and in some ways still hasn’t happened completely.

3. X on inside of my right ankle is the symbol for the tv show The X Files. this show has been meaningful to me and my all time favorite show since i was 13. i have always been obsessive about it, and when i was in the hospital after my head injury my family brought it for me to watch.  it has ALWAYS provided me with comfort. this is my favorite tattoo.

4. i have two tiny stars on my earlobes: red one on the right ear and green one on the left.  since my injury, i have very little hearing on my right side and a constant ringing that never stops (tinnitus).  hopefully the red means stop and green means go can remind people which side to talk into.

i’m about to get another tattoo inside my left arm that says “so it goes.”

this is a quote from one of my favorite books by Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse 5.  brilliant novel. i highly recommend it.

souryuasukalangley asked:

I have read about your snowboarding accident. After that, you are not afraid to practice again? Also for your work you need to be free of injuries. I practice skateboarding and sometimes it scares me. You are very brave. Do you like skateboarding?

thanks, um, i don’t feel that brave. i had my accident because i wasn’t wearing a helmet. now when i snowboard, i wear a helmet. i could still possibly break a bone but would avoid traumatic brain injury. i’m also more of a pussy now when i ride. skateboarding i never really got into much. i used to llongboard but my hip hurts too much for that now. that’s a whole other story.

letter from a fan.

Hi  Sinn,  I’ve joined a few sites like Sweetheartvideo, GirlCandyfilms, and EvilAngel solely to view your performances…and you never fail to AMAZE, TITILLATE, and SATISFY your fans, me included.  Just wanted to know if you are still working with Sweetheartvideo, GirlCandyfilms, and EvilAngel?Thanks!


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